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United Kingdom: Office 7662 182-184 High Street North East Ham London, Post Code: E6 2JA

+44 737 846 1403         

Cameroon: Combi Crossroads, Madagascar, Douala III, PO Box: 13079

        +237 696 20 67 31          

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We uphold three core values in education and business: Honesty, Discipline, and Faithfulness. Through these values, we strive to exceed our learners and clients’ expectations with our work. LSA.GLOBAL takes pride in providing language services to a client base of over 1,600 knowing that our clients trust in our services and that we would not be where we are today without them.

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+44 737 846 1403

United Kingdom, 182-184 High Street North East Ham London E6 2JA, Office Number: 7662


Cameroon, Douala III, Madagascar – Combi Crossroads – PO Box: 13079

+237 696 20 67 31

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